Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hyde Park Heroes: Edward Perovic

Every once in a while, a reasonable person writes a letter to the Herald. We think this is noteworthy. The most recent such epistle bemoans the chronic siege mentality and fear of change within the neighborhood.

Choice excerpts are presented below:

The front page of the Hyde Park Herald on July 18, would be comical if it didn't reflect a sad truth about our community..."Community input" in Hyde Park is becoming "Community roadblock." Every time a developer or the university proposes a new project, there is immediate outcry. For decades, all these outcries have produced is more vacant lots and boarded-up buildings. Meanwhile, we Hyde Parkers continue to do our shopping, eating and movie-going outside of the neighborhood.

Hyde Park's reputation has become one of anti-development and anti-retail...You can create all the TIFs in the world but if retailers are chased away by "community input," the TIFs become useless.

Finally, someone speaks the truth. Mr. Perovic is this week's Hyde Park Hero.


Elizabeth said...

I nominate the original Community Task Force for Promontory Point (including, among others, Peter Rossi, Lauren Moltz, Kay Clement, and the late Tom Knight) to be the next Hyde Park Heroes honorees. Their accomplishment nearly seven years ago in securing the sane, reasonable "Nine Point Compromise Plan" from the City and the Army Corps of Engineers is an unsung triumph. The more strident Save-the-Point group has deliberately thrown away all of the gains that the original task force achieved, and stalled progress on rebuilding the Promontory Point.

chicago pop said...

I think that's a great idea. Expect HPP to track down each of these individuals in coming months...