Sunday, November 11, 2007

In Memoriam

Apollo Gullstrom

Neo Gullstrom (HPP's favorite Peapod driver) recently lost his beloved dog, Apollo. Our thoughts are with Neo, his wife, and his daughter. Anyone who has met Neo knows that Apollo was one lucky dog.


LPB said...

Just wanted to convey my condolences to Neo and his family on their loss. I hope they take some comfort from knowing that Apollo had a wonderful life with them and they'll meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.

chicago pop said...

And I'm sure that Neo's pack felt they were lucky to know Apollo, too.

Elizabeth Fama said...

My husband has asked me -- and he's right -- to amend the post by saying that we appreciate ALL of our Peapod drivers, which is the absolute truth. Customer service is a high priority with Peapod, and it shows. I called Neo my favorite simply because he has become a friend.

Peter Rossi said...


well said, we are not a club at HPP unlike the Medici where you have to chat up the workers to get good service.

All of the peapod drivers have been absolutely great -- a breath of fresh air in the rude retail environment of Hyde Park.

Frankly, I worried that after a year or so the Peapod drivers would get rude like what happens at stores in HP but I am pleased to say that I was wrong.