Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Inside Drs Hospital: See What You're Preserving!

posted by chicago pop

Future Amputation Ballroom

Local preservationists must really like the façade of Doctors Hospital, because the interior sure isn't much. It's what you might expect it to look like, given the fact that it was a modern, functional hospital until 2000, when it was abandoned by the felons who ran the hospital and a Medicare scam there.

Not quite the Trading Room of Louis Sullivan's famed Chicago Stock Exchange, preserved today in the Art Institute. But pretty cool in an apocalyptic, white-collar crime sort of way.

From the looks of it, keeping the façade of this building would amount to a postmodern exercise in decorative make-believe: quaint exteriors with studied historical references, concealing the most unrelated of utilitarian interiors.

So what is there to preserve inside the building itself, you may ask? Look for yourself, and revel in the ambiance that wafts from these pictures...

Future Sigmoidoscopy Cafe

Wrong movie set -- get outta here! (*)

Future Bon Jovi Party Suite

Communicable Diseases Corridor-- Single and Double Rooms

Thanks once again to intrepid urban photographer, Charles Janda for the photos. After having led us through the ruins of St. Stephens, he has once more been our guide through the bowels of yet another decaying Hyde Park edifice. Thanks, Chuck. View the full set here and here.

* Planet of the Apes gag inspired by longtime HPP reader and scathing critic of all things NIMBY, famac.


Raymond said...

They didn't even cut the power...the lights still work!

chicago pop said...

The power is still on, and billing paperwork is still in one of the offices. You can check it all out in the full set. In one pic, someone's x-ray is still in a light box; in another, boxes labeled "payroll" are stacked and overflowing. Identity theft, anyone?

Elizabeth Fama said...

Credit goes to famac for the Planet of the Apes joke (in a Jan. 4th comment on the St. Stephens post).

Just keeping you honest, C-Pop.

chicago pop said...

Yeah, it was a good joke, but footnotes kill the humor. famac should know that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and we'll both leave the documentation and cross-referencing to Ms. Fama.

Elizabeth Fama said...

Aw, I was just poking fun. You didn't have to modify the post.