Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Upcoming Events: Cornell & 53rd Development / 53rd Street Vision Workshop Part II

posted by chicago pop

Two things coming up that readers may be interested in:

53rd & Cornell Development
Alderman Preckwinkle will be hosting a meeting Wednesday evening to discuss plans for possible development at this location. Time, date, and location are --

7:00 PM, Wednesday, April 23
Congregation Rodfei Zedek, 5200 S. Hyde Park Blvd.
Info about meeting and parking at Alderman's office: 773-536-8103

53rd Street Visioning Workshop Part II
See flyer above. Details are --

Saturday, May 3
Kenwood Academy 5015 S. Blackstone
RSVP to: 773-536-8103 or 53vision@hydeparkchicago.org


David said...

Where is the outdoor cafe seating in Hyde Park!?! Where!?!

chicago pop said...

Under a snow drift.

Zig & Lou said...

There is a cost associated with he permit that some businesses do not want to incur; there is an additional insurance requirement that some business owners choose not to add to their overhead, and there are also some landlords that exclude retail tenants from having outdoor seating in a lease, and in some cases sidewalks are just not wide enough to allow a outdoor seating area.

Miles R said...

you could always go to luckystrike/7/10/whatever they have out door seating. You can can drink too.

Richard Gill said...

Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but I do not find a word about the forthcoming April 23 meeting in the Hyde Park Herald - not in the April 16 edition, not in the April 23 edition. Has Hyde Park Progress (once again?) scooped the mighty Herald?

chicago pop said...

Richard: I thought I read about it in El Heraldo a week or two ago, could be wrong.

EdJ said...

Let's not forget the outdoor seating at Potbelly's. OK, it's not exactly a candlelight kinda place, but at least it's something.