Sunday, July 27, 2008


posted by Elizabeth Fama

To me, HPP is a hangout spot where neighborhood folks can drop by, knowing that a mostly cordial discussion of local issues will always be underway.

Fittingly, I met Chicago Pop in cyber space in March of 2007. He had written a letter-to-the-editor for the Hyde Park Herald about the Solstice proposal that mirrored my sentiments exactly. In the biting tongue-in-cheek style that is his trademark, he invented the "Committee to Save the Cornell Parking Lot," and in signing off he mentioned that he was an alumnus of the U of C College. Cyber stalker that I am, I looked him up in the alumni directory and wrote him a fan e-mail. It's not often that a Herald LTE represents my opinion, after all.

In his reply, C-Pop made the mistake of using the words "Point consensus" in referring to the Save the Point group, and I promptly gave him a long lecture about the true history of the Point controversy. Four months later he wrote me an e-mail saying that he'd started this blog, and would I like to contribute?

"It'll never fly," I thought to myself, while typing my agreement to contribute posts. Thus began our friendship.

So let's raise a toast to Chicago Pop, the Man Who Dared. Thanks for starting the blog, C-Pop.

Front row: bloggers Peter R., Chicago Pop, and Elizabeth F. Back row: guest contributor, frequent commenter, and tireless community meeting attender, Richard G. (One year anniversary, July 25, 2008.)


catuca48 said...

Long Live Hyde Park Progress!! To another year!Thank you for expanding the public dialogue in Hyde Park.

Anonymous said...

What is that strange, greenish liquid in the brandy snifter???

P.S. I never would have found you if Pop hadn't made a little fun of one of my letters to the editor and I didn't have a tendency to Google myself.

The Woodlawn Wonder said...

What? There was a party? My invitation must of got lost in the mail.

Congratulations on your milestone.

Anonymous said...

Hyde Park Progress, I love you guys. It's really hard to imagine the neighborhood without you anymore, so please stick around.

PJS said...

I enjoy your blog greatly, please keep up the good work.