Friday, October 3, 2008

ALERT: Sculpture on 55th Near Harper in Danger!

posted by chicago pop

Why is this person dancing? Because the wrecking crews were out this morning tearing up everything around Orisha wall. Or, last time we checked, everything except the sculpture itself.

But don't worry, we checked with the responsibles, and we can assure you: it's coming down. The city has its own way of doing things, but it will happen.

So our reaction is: Yay! Finally! Happy dance!

I hope nobody is too shocked: we announced the doom of this sculpture back in May 2008, where the tangled history of the case is laid out. But of course, not everybody reads this blog, which is why it was good of the Tribune to run the story, too ("Hyde Park sculpture to come down without controversy," June 11, 2008).



Elizabeth Fama said...

I sure hope they demolish the sculpture BEFORE they pour the concrete. I mean, making a new median and a curb, and THEN taking out the sculpture and having to repair the new concrete would be just way too...City of Chicago.

edj said...

I just drove by and saw the frshly pored concrete surrounding the ever-present sculpture.

I will believe the sculpture is gone when it is gone. Leaving it is very Hyde Park. Now there will be a movement to landmark the new curbs so that the sculpture can't be taken out

chicago pop said...

This is part of U of C's program of gentrification. Like installing Treasure Island and getting rid of the coop.

edj said...

So they not only put in new curbs around the sculpture they cemented around it. Who didn't get the memo that it's easier to take a sculpture out when there's not any new concrete around it?

Stephen said...

chicago pop - :)