Monday, July 6, 2009

Nearer, Dear God, To Thee?

posted by Richard Gill

A couple of years ago, at some Hyde Park meeting about the Point, some priestess of Hyde Park's intellectual superiority arose and took direct aim at residents of Lincoln Park and Lakeview. "Most of THEM," she huffed, "don't know who their Alderman is. They probably don't even know what an Alderman is."

If I'd had the stomach to ask her, she probably would have told me that only those who are close to God, such as long-time Hyde Parkers, can possibly possess knowledge of the name of their Alderman.

What BS, I thought. But now, I'm starting to wonder if maybe she had (pardon the expression) a point. I mean, just look around. Hans Morsbach himself is achieving heavenly stature. Inside his own restaurant. In a great mural upon the wall.

What convinced me, though, was Hyde Park's burning bush. Around 3pm, July 6, there was a burning bush (honest, really) at 55th & Lake Park, outside Walgreens. It is unknowable whether it was caused by a cigarette or by spontaneous combustion from on high. The fire department came and poured enough water and foam on it to drown the bush and probably kill it, were it a mere mortal bush. But, no doubt, this heavenly shrub will regenerate upon the morrow. Take a look and let us know.


bornatreese said...

It is a painting, not a mural. The artist, whose name you didn't give, is Robert Hutchison.

Richard Gill said...

Agreed, it's a painting, not a mural. Upon what is Hans rising skyward, anyway - a baguette or an ovoid bagel?

Anonymous said...

Hans is one buff old dude. What's with the dog though...?

Elizabeth Fama said...

"Looks like heaven's easier to get into than Arizona State." -- Ned Flanders.

Richard Gill said...

Maybe Hans was clouted in. Fido, too. This is Illinois, y'know.

David Farley said...

Did the bush say anything?

Richard Gill said...

We conversed, thus.

Bush: "You don't fool me, Richard. Charlton Heston you're not."

Me: "Thank you, Lord, for that favor."

Bush: Then go unto TI's liquor department and celebrate your good fortune. And tell them I sent you."

Me: Thank you again, Lord. They don't want nobody nobody sent."