Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Herald's Chicken: Seriously, the Herald is Funny

Posted by Richard Gill

The Herald can’t help itself. There’s this compulsion to preach. Witness the Herald's “editorial” for November 4. It’s a sermon/lecture on self-improvement, aimed (where else) at the University of Chicago. The Herald looks kind of funny, up there on its high horse.

There isn't room here to dissect the entire “editorial,” and it wouldn't be much fun after the first few hours. So, let’s just go to a few choice morsels.

The editorial makes note of “lots of folks bustling to and from institutional buildings [along the Midway],” and then asks, “Where will these people recreate?” The implication is, of course, that the “Community Garden” is the “where.” Well, almost none of “these people” have chosen the garden as a recreational option. People have countless recreational opportunities. We’d all be in one heck of a pickle if that garden counted substantially toward area opportunities for “fun.”

The Herald goes on to say, “The garden connects the university to the community…..” No it doesn't. The garden connects a relative handful of people to the garden, which just happens to be on university property.

Finally, the Herald accuses the university of “imperious, malevolent behavior.” I’ll agree the university has not always shown great judgment, but c'mon, Herald editors, even you don’t believe “imperious and malevolent.” If the U of C is guarded in its approach to “the community,” it is justified, given the purposeful work of certain neighbors to thwart U of C efforts that would benefit the community at large.

Unlike the “editorial,” I won’t go on and on. Suffice it to say the Herald is great comedy, especially when it gets so serious. I guess that makes the Herald a recreational opportunity in competition with the garden.


susan said...

Especially ridiculous because there is no garden activity during most of the student year. Try ice skating instead!

edj said...

I want to say something cnice about Hans Morsbach. His letter in the Herald this week actually suggested a different site for the community garden. It was a bit of a surprise. I'm guessing the university owns the site, but at least he's talking about alternatives.

Elizabeth Fama said...

My beefs with Hans are solely political, I hope everyone (including you, edj!) realizes that. I strongly objected to his participation in the Save the Point campaign and the dry-vote campaign for the 39th precinct, both of which have profoundly, negatively affected our neighborhood. I don't have anything against him personally.

TA said...

Since I can't find contact information for anyone here, I thought I would share the following link from the Tribune's architecture blog today:

They do a good run-down on the University's Midway and South Campus plans. It is definitely worth checking out and maybe could use greater analysis.

chicago pop said...

Thanks, TA. Something on Kamin's piece is coming up.

Contact info for me is available in my blogger profile.