Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Metra Towers - Part 3 of 3

posted by richard gill

This post concludes the epic trilogy regarding Metra control towers in and near Hyde Park. The first two installments are in Hyde Park Progress posts dated May 22, 2009 and March 7, 2010.

The refurbishment of the 51st Street Tower has been accomplished, including removal of the top floor and general repair of the structure (photo above). The building now houses electrical and signal equipment. As mentioned in my March 7 post, it might now more properly be called the 51st Street Bungalow.

Ain’t it amazin’. The rehabilitation and re-use of a building actually got done in Hyde Park. Way to go, Metra.


Erika said...

Preservationists will be filing suit soon, I'm sure.

edj said...

I was surprised that no one demanded that METRA come back to get an OK a la the Oakland-Kenwoood organizaton that demands that Michael's Fresh Market come back to them for approval of signage at the 47th Street store. I had no idea that people were trying to maintain the architectural integrity of a 1990s strip mall.

Richard Gill said...

"Preservationists will be filing suit soon..."

The tower is second on their list. First, they want to make the city restore the entire Michael Reese complex.