Wednesday, June 22, 2011

U of C Public Planning/Zoning Meeting Tonight

posted by Elizabeth Fama

This evening the U of C is holding a public meeting at the International House, 1414 East 59th Street, at 6 PM.

From a U of C official:

The University as a whole is in a planned development zone, and is working with the city right now to update the zone. As part of that process there will be public hearings. Some of the issues that come up have to do with height of buildings, what is in the zone (the University has acquired property since the zone was last formed), etc. The city has requirements for which neighbors should be notified about any planned changes — essentially all residents within 250 feet of the zone perimeter. That group received a letter. In addition, we have done some stories about this to be sure it is much more public.

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Chason said...

The Herald has a follow-up story today about the subject of the meeting and, in the deft reporting style we've come to expect from the Herald, included only dissenting comments from the meeting to the University's incorporation of properties into the planned development (which, by definition, the university already owns!).