Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Where is Bobby Rush? Absent 13.2% of the Time

posted by chicago pop

From today's Tribune:

In case you've ever wondered why it seems that Bobby Rush doesn't really do anything. His record of missed votes is topped only by a woman who was shot in the head and two others, and is in the top ten with two representatives who have been or are still on the campaign trail.

Of note: 
If all the 2008 votes and non-votes are taken out [during the period when Rush underwent surgery and treatment for cancer of the salivary gland], Rush's career percentage of missed votes drops from 13.2 to 9.6 percent, still well above the House average.
And a bit of analysis to confirm what was already known:
[M]embers who are often absent tend to come from 'safe' districts that return them to office by large majorities every two years. That describes Rush.
Sweet gig.


tayiah said...

This is what happens when people are voted into office just because they are black or democrat or both. They feel embolded an un touchable because they know the majority of their constituants are uneducated or undereducated urban sheep. They can't get elected anywhere else. They don't consider themselves public servants, they consider themselves public masters. All this is coming from a frustrated black american at the lack of political options and unresponsive arrogant corrupt self serving black politicians.

Anonymous said...

Along with Luis Gutierrez and Danny Davis, both career Chicago Machine Democrats right up at the top of that list as well. Some of these guys really need to retire.