Sunday, July 1, 2012

55th Street Project is Under Way

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Work is in progress near 55th & Ellis, June 29.
Work is moving along on the much-anticipated safety enhancements for 55th Street between Cottage Grove and Lake Park Avenue.  The project primarily involves re-striping and new signage to improve safety and accommodations for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motor vehicle traffic.  This is one of several such projects being implemented by the Chicago Department of Transportation.  See the April 23, 2012 installment of this blog for details.
Initial pavement markings show arrangement of westbound traffic lane, parking lane, bike lane and bus stop.  Parking lane is adjacent to traffic lane; bike lane is next to the curb.

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nate said...

So good to see this happening! I'm really looking forward to using 55th for commuting instead of dropping down to 56th or 57th and all their itinerant stop signs and slowness...

Also, saw two new developments today in the Del Prado that I'd not heard of: a just-opened restaurant called "South Side Shrimp" and a soon-to-open coffee shop called "The Sip." (Curious to know what the owners of Sip [on Grand] think of that...)