Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Holiday Card to Bruce Sagan of the Hyde Park Herald

posted by chicago pop

Here's looking at you, kid!

Yours, Charles Foster Kane


Richard Gill said...

The Herald was silly and jerky,
What was news or opinion was murky,
It went way 'round the bend
When the Co-op did end,
That Herald was one Christmas turkey.

Elizabeth Fama said...

Or, in haiku:

Ice crystals on stoop
Sun breaks fierce and fiery
Herald is sodden

Christmas said...

Sincere folks differ
No need to mock and jeer
Can't we get along?

TimeTheAvenger said...

News gods surely weep
HPH a new color
Yellow in disgrace

Famac said...

Sincere folks differ
Many voted but some won't hear
Can't they move along?

Christmas said...

Win with grace, be glad
Those who lose may rail, regret
Victors can be kind