Saturday, February 23, 2008

On the Pavement: It's All About Harper Court

posted by chicago pop

Harper Court Survey Released

The HP-K CC survey seeking neighborhood input on Harper Court redevelopment is online.

Check it out, take the survey, and send the link to all your friends.

52nd & Harper Redevelopment Process Meeting Tuesday February 26

Get the download on how development happens before it happens.


George said...

Whew. Thank you folks for listing the link ( We really do want ANY and EVERY one to take this survey. If you have an opinion about Harper Court re-development, let me know.

The more participants, the better. If something on the list strikes you as irrelevant, mark it so! Skip questions you don't like. Average survey time is currently 6 minutes, so it's NOT a long process.

The Hyde Park-Kenwood Forestry Commission really wants your input. Honestly.

WoodLawn Jack said...

I'm not trying to be a "language lawyer" or anything--just found the mild malaprop funny. It should be "down low" not download.

You kids and your internets--it's all you can think of.

Great work you're doing. I was starting to think I was the only one who thought some HP'ers were insane.

chicago pop said...

Woodlawn Jack-
Thanks for the support. But I have to point out that "down low" is not the same as "download."

Download means getting information, a data dump.

"Down low," in this neighborhood, at least, means one man going looking for another man for something else entirely. Usually happens in parking lots.

Elizabeth Fama said...

...and Wooded Island, and apparently in airport bathroom stalls (who knew?).

chicago pop said...

If I were cruising on the "down low," let me tell you the last place I'd be doing it would be the Hyde Park Neighborhood Club.

Unless Hyde Park is not quite the place I thought it was!

Anonymous said...

Not to mention the DISGUSTING men's room at Borders on 53rd... witnessed first hand just yesterday, unfortunately. Get a room guys!

WoodLawn Jack said...

Doh! I meant low-down--had download in my head and made my own mistake. Probably even better than the original one I was pointing out.

Maybe "get the download" is becoming common, but "get the low-down" is still the original. A google search for either turns up about 1/2 million for each--of course "get the download" appears on a ton of sites offering actual file downloads (Adobe for example) while "get the low-down" is purely slang.

chicago pop said...

Interesting linguistic digression here: two similar sounding phrases that probably have completely different origins, from within two different language communities. Computer geeks and hep-cats. Funny.

Anyway, go take the survey, everyone!!!

Elizabeth Fama said...

And speaking of the survey, not to influence anyone or anything, but...

In the comments box it turns out my husband and I independently wrote down the same (free market) sentiment -- an important consideration that was not in the actual survey: we need viable businesses in Hyde Park, and to achieve that you have to get out of the way and let commercial developers do what they think is right with their money.

Regarding the Borders men's room. Gross! Another reason to go to 57th Street Books, folks.

chicago pop said...

Elizabeth, don't let Leon Despres find out that you and your husband have pro-business sentiments and are associated with the "business end" of the University -- he made a couple of comments to the Herald about how it was you guys who were behind the closing of the Co-Op ... just like it was the business end that was against open housing in the 50s.

You racists, you!