Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fixing Up the Neighborhood

posted by Richard Gill

July 6, as I was returning from photographing the day's breaking news, (See July 6 post "Nearer, Dear God, to Thee?"), I happily noticed a lot of fix-up work taking place on older buildings around the neighborhood. This work included painting, tuckpointing, storefront renovations and so forth.

I thought it particularly noteworthy that MAC Properties was performing major work on the Kikuya restaurant as part of a project to modernize and coordinate the storefronts in their building on 55th Street, just west of Cornell. Recently, MAC completed structural repairs to the roof and parapet of the same building.

It's nice to see the older structures being maintained and improved, since almost nothing new is getting built around here. In addition to a weak economy, the absence of new construction in Hyde Park is attributable to a nasty dose of obstructionism. Yup, that last statement was gratuitous, but true.

(Free romantic dinner with chicago pop to the one-hundred-and-first person to identify all of these locations and the exact time of day, aperture setting, and shutter speed with which they were photographed)


Zach said...

im gonna say 1/60 at f8

theyre redoing morrys as well i think.. bout time.

The Woodlawn Wonder said...

Ummm...can't I just have a drink for identifying none of them? I'll be on the dole again in short order.