Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The City that Works

posted by Elizabeth Fama

On July 9, I wrote fairly glowing post about new, permanent street-cleaning signs that are popping up on the busiest streets on campus (Woodlawn, Ellis, and Drexel, roughly between 55th and 59th Streets). I thought they represented efficiency and progress. An astute reader sent me this photo. It cracks me up.

Thanks for the laugh, Matthew.


chicago pop said...

I think you mean "Da City Dat Works"

Anonymous said...

The city where the guys who put up the street cleaning signs always have work.

susan said...

The not funny thing about this is that we were out of town for a week in summer and deliberately put our car in that block because we knew there would not be street-cleaning--- according to the permanent postings. But... we just got a $50 Notice of Violation in the mail.