Thursday, September 3, 2009

South Side Special: The Obama Security Door

posted by chicago pop

From an ad in this week's Herald (September 2, 2009). Via a reader via, of all places, the Wall Street Journal ("Best of the Web," September 3, 2009).

OK, OK, so you already have health insurance. But how safe is your home? "The need for security hits home now more than ever," Family Security Door & Window Inc. informs us in an ad that appears in Chicago's
Hyde Park Herald. "This prestigious security door will keep your home safe while honoring our 44th President!"

The door features a likeness of the president above the word OBAMA and then, in bigger letters, HO and PE. "Call to Order Your President Obama Security Door Today!"

For our part, we're just going to put up a "Beware of Death Panel" sign. That ought to be enough to scare off any intruder.

Get yours now.


David Farley said...

I call shenanigans. There's nothing on their web page about this amazing door. It looks like a cut-and-paste job to me. (Although it -is- a real ad for sure.)

Fishplate said...

Assuming it's a real newspaper, and their web site is real, go to and then Current Issue and check out Page 3. (Just like the UK's Sun!)

chicago pop said...

It's a real newspaper, as any Hyde Parker will know. It's sitting on my kitchen table right now open to the ad in question on p.3.

David Farley said...

I'm not saying the ad is fake. I have a copy of the "real" newspaper right here with the ad in question. I'm saying the door is fake - you would think this would be somewhere on the site.

chicago pop said...

DF- my comment was directed at "fishplate" above, who doubted the reality of the Herald. As for the novelty door, only one way to find out for sure: order one!

Anonymous said...

This is too awesome. Who thinks of Obama as scary (frankly, he seems pretty warm and friendly to me)?

But I guess if you're trying to keep Republicans from knocking on your door it will probably do the trick.

The Herald is all too real... as to whether it's a newspaper is debatable.

susan said...

Obama's not scary, but this neighborhood is. Don't buy that door-- any criminal can find a pre-teen accomplice to squeeze through the "O" in HOPE.

Famac said...

This is kind of like hanging a police band in your window so you don't get a parking ticket.