Monday, April 19, 2010

The New NIMBY Tower of Power: 5490 South Shore Drive

posted by chicago pop

Move over, Vista Homes: self interest has a new address


David Farley said...

Forget it, Pop. It's Hyde Park Town.

Greg said...

Are they still causing problems? Last I heard they had settled their disagreements with Antheus and the renovation was going to go forward

chicago pop said...

I'm going on the latest report in the Trib. The whole thing is very closely guarded.

Ungar said he needs a zoning waiver to replace the planned, all-condominium development granted to a prior owner. Another outstanding detail — and perhaps the most contentious — is approval by residents of the adjoining property at 5490 South Shore Drive, who have voiced opposition over lack of parking for their units.

See the Tribune's spread of April 5, 2010.

It has to go through the approval process with the City over the coming months, which means it could get derailed by 5490 or Hairston at any point.

David Farley said...

Why does it look like there was a fire on the 9th and 10th floor of 5490?

Richard Gill said...

Hyde Park has always been a cliquish neighborhood. Unfortunately, another clique is coalescing around the likes of 5490, Vista Homes, and the St. Stephen's neighbors: "Blockit-or-Ssstoppit (BS)." They haven't failed yet.

bertha said...

Some of those people are always looking for a fight, should be a fun one to watch.