Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Advisory Group Forms to Clean up Elm Park

posted by chicago pop

Good news about some neighborhood activity to clean up one of Hyde Park's seedier parks and playlots, Elm Park, located on Woodlawn just north of Kimbark Plaza. As we know from the example of the neighborhood parks and playlots, it takes dedicated neighbors to maintain a park and playground's quality. Like a number of others in Hyde Park, this one could use some help.

A meeting of the group is scheduled for Tuesday, July 13, 2010 at 6:30PM, Nichols Park Field House, 1355 E. 53rd Street.

For those interested, a statement of intention and recently circulated contact info is below:

May name is Timika Hoffman-Zoller. I am a resident of Hyde Park who is interested in forming a Park Advisory Council (PAC) for Elm Playlot Park which is located at 5215 South Woodlawn Avenue.

Members of the community and I will convene the initial Advisory Council Meeting for Elm Playlot on Monday, June 21st 2010, 6:30 PM at the Nichols Park Field House, located 1355 East 53rd Street.

At the initial Elm Playlot Park Advisory Council Meeting we will:

· Receive nominations for Park Advisory Council (PAC) officers

(Elections will be held for the offices of President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.)

· Review and adopt the Park Advisory Council By-Laws

· Create committees deemed necessary and appropriate to fulfill the purpose of the Elm Playlot PAC.

· Set the date for the next meeting

We wish to form the Elm Playlot Park Advisory Council to help provide park visitors and neighbors with a safe, inviting, and beautifully maintained park. Through the development of the Park Advisory Council we can promote unique ways for the community to better utilize Elm Playlot Park, and help develop the physical space and creative programs that will provide a positive impact on Elm Playlot Park and the surrounding community.


Timika Hoffman-Zoller

773 454-0499 cell phone


george said...

Timika and her neighbors did a great job. I attended the meeting, where they elected officers, worked on directions for the park, adopted a fiscal agent, and did the paperwork to make their Advisory Council in compliance with the Park District guidelines. Kudos to them all.

Now on to the Park District budget hearing.

ladyjanewriter said...

Elm Park is physically too dark at night, and I don't think there's enough concentration on kicking out people who openly drink and use drugs in that park. That is the problem. I have no idea whom should be paying for more lights in Elm Park, but that's a good first step.