Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Herald's Chicken: Herald off to brilliant start in "Rumsy" Campaign

posted by chicago pop

Ahh, just like old times. Based on this headline, we're looking forward to another 7 months of campaign coverage:


chicago pop said...

Never let the proper spelling of someone's name come between the Herald and headline that fits in the column.

Richard Gill said...

You're right C-Pop, where the Herald is concerned. Given the numbr of hedlines the Hrald misspells, the papr must be dong it on purpse, to sav spce.

rdb said...

I really hope you all haven't missed the "fireworks" Ald. Hairston has caused by blocking Independence Day revelers at 63rd Street Beach from heretofore "sacred" parking:,0,4629838.story

Best line for me: she modeled it on the Air & Water Show, where people have to park remotely and walk! So much for forever open, free and clear access to beach-front parking.

chicago pop said...

Isn't that something, rdb? Thanks for the tip. Commentary coming up.