Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Disappointing, Toni: Preckwinkle Endorses Hairston

posted by chicago pop

Preckwinkle Catches the Carol Moseley Braun Syndrome & Backs Local Mediocrity

We're sorry to see former alderman Toni Preckwinkle leave the 4th Ward, and we like her pick for a 4th Ward successor (Will Burns), but what gives with her heavy lifting for a South Side mediocrity like Leslie "used to success" Hairston? Sista' Hood? We'll call it the Carol Moseley "I don't want to" Braun Syndrome (CMBS), and note that it seems to be spreading on the South Side this year. Symptoms typically include a lack of recent accomplishments, and being in need of a job.

In extreme cases, candidates with CMBS have 4 mortgages of up to $1.85 million on their home, while running business losses of a quarter million dollars, but nonetheless receive the glowing support of the South Side Establishment.

In a post-Daley election in which everything else is up for grabs, it's hard to understand the backing Preckwinkle is giving to Hairston. So I have to ask her the same thing I would have asked Jessie Jackson about CMB: Is this really the best you've got to offer, or is this just a friend who needs a job?

Does someone need this job?


Richard Gill said...

Donors of $500 or more will receive free parking. All others ride the CTA Purple or Brown Line to the Chicago Avenue station and walk south one block.

Lilithcat said...

I don't have any particular problem with someone being a full-time alderman, but my real question is this: is there really nowhere in her ward that she can throw a fund-raiser? She has to go to the north side? Pathetic.

Elizabeth Fama said...

She had a fundraiser at Bar Louie around Christmastime. I want her to hold one at the new Marriott on Stony Island and 59th. Oh, wait.