Friday, January 21, 2011

People Don't Drink in Hyde Park; Why People Drink to the Windermere Building; CMB Forgets She Has No Degree From Harvard; Local Election Blog

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"I could really use a drink right here, but guess I'll have to go to the Northside."

The Maroon to Hyde Park: Know Thyself (or ask thy business leaders and quote them in The Maroon):

“People don’t drink here.”

“People don’t really like the idea of a bar in a college neighborhood like this.”

"[A] commercial real estate agent ... “told me that I would be throwing my money away [if I tried to open a bar in Hyde Park]...."

The shocking story about how a young person wanted to open a cafe/arcade/bar somewhere in the neighborhood and was roundly chased out of Whoville by sundry Whosits. Including one real estate agent - who may fear that such a business would hurt Carol Moseley Braun's inflated property value.


An interesting video clip of the 2010 Christmas Party at MAC's Windermere House. Part Reality TV, part unpaid advertising, part infomercial, it is nonetheless interesting to hear the thoughts of Windermere residents, and to see their diversity. Black, white, military, civilian, academic, professional, young and married, old and single, Mana-hattanites in exile, and more -- all the things that make Hyde Park the demographic wild card we love are right here:


A telling gaffe from imminently destitute but eminently self-satisfied Hyde Parker, Carol Moseley Braun, in which she claims (mistakenly -- but who hasn't done this?) to own "an advanced degree from Harvard."

The Consensus is that the Consensus Candidate has no Harvard degree
[Source: Chicago Magazine]

Astonishing. Chicago Mag writes:

What’s striking about Moseley Braun’s statement is that later in the interview she had a chance to clear things up. Host Greg Jarrett opened the segment to calls, and a caller named Jeffrey remarked that he’s “impressed” by all of Moseley Braun’s accomplishments, including that she “went to Harvard.” The moment passed without a clarification from the candidate—that she was a visiting fellow at Harvard’s Institute of Politics in 2007, but the program did not offer a degree.

Look, it was a morning radio interview, and anyone who has given one without adequate pre-air caffeination knows how hard it can be to keep one's advanced degrees straight. (I never have, but why should that stop me from saying so?) I know, I know; in these tough times, anyone can go broke running their business into the ground, and anyone can mistakenly claim to own a Harvard PhD. Woe to those who throw stones.


And finally, from a reader, a quirky little blog devoted to the upcoming February elections. Not too much for Hyde Parkers to chew on, but there is good coverage of the mayoral race, and interesting mini-travelogues such as this one.


Joe said...

Thanks for featuring the video we shot at the Windermere House, which was spnosored by them.

It was really fun spending an evening immersed in Hyde Park's awesome diversity, encapsulated in a single place.

We returned a week later for another sponsored video, this one a tour of the Windermere House. It opens with a great aerial view over Jackson Park:

susan said...

Come on, give CMB a break. I claim Harvard too-- I have two rejection letters, but one of my kids was waitlisted, plus I used to hang out in Harvard Square after work.