Sunday, February 5, 2012

Leslie Hairston's Pay Raises; or, the High Cost of South Side Living

posted by chicago pop

There's a good chance 5th Ward Alderman Leslie Hairston makes more than you. Unless you make more than $114,913, which is a healthy amount, but not unusual for a public servant in this financially well-endowed metropolis. What's interesting about this figure is that it results from legislatively authorized 'automatic adjustments' to council member incomes to match Chicago's 'cost of living.' 

Given the way property taxes in the HP-K zip codes have been shooting up the last year or so, I think we could all use some city council - generated automatic adjustments. Alas, pity those without the power to raise their own salaries.

Thanks to HPP reader CD for the pointer to this helpful graph in the Chicago Tribune.

[Source: 'What Chicago aldermen make,' Chicago Tribune, January 29, 2012]


Emil Coccaro said...

Leslie also takes Friday afternoons off, alleging she is visiting the ward. I've never seen her on a Friday afternoon. Has anyone else?

Also lets be sure to add her car payments made from ward and campaign funds. That's a nice bonus.

Chason said...

:) Happy to help, Chicago Pop! I wish I could say I am surprised Hairston opted for every potential pay increase and skimped out on furlough days as city jobs were being slashed...

But I'm not.

Greg said...

Yeah, but look how much she gives back. Free parking for her special friends out of the ward's common budget and private parties at Rainbow Beach.

tayiah said...

Most south side politicans/democrats have political immunity as the majority of their constituents are sheeple and will re-elect them. They know their constituants will not hold them accountable or pay attention, this emboldens them and thats why they are so self serving and arrogant.