Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Letter to the editor in support of Ray Lodato's First District Congressional Bid

posted by chicago pop

We have been asked to post this letter to the editor, rejected by the Hyde Park Herald and the Chicago Tribune, from Mr. Alex Gomez. Mr. Gomez is Campaign Manager for Ray Lodato's bid for the First District Congressional seat currently held by Bobby Rush.

To the Editor,

Democratic Congressional candidate Raymond Lodato has promised to "get the First District back to work." We share his concern with bringing jobs to the district, and are additionally concerned about Congressman Rush's dismal voting record, which was recently explored by The Chicago Tribune newspaper. Rush's claim to 'seniority' is absolutely hollow. He is not the ranking minority member on any committee. Five Democratic representatives who arrived in Washington the same year he did are, as are another four who arrived after him. But ranking minority members, like committee chairs, are chosen by their fellow representatives based on the respect they command. Rush commands little respect from his colleagues, so his constituents don't benefit from his many years in Congress. He has longevity, not seniority. Fortunately, we have an alternative in Raymond Lodato, who will be a forceful, independent and effective Representative for the District.


                                                                              Rebecca Janowitz
                                                                              Joan Merlin Palmer
                                                                              Linda Swift
                                                                              Duel Richardson
                                                                              Judy Jakush
                                                                              Edward "Ted" Fetters


Anonymous said...

Bobby Rush is guaranteed his job for life, unless he pulls some kind of Blagojevich shenanigans or makes an enemy out of someone powerful. Oldskool machine democrat, elected for life or until he quits.

nya woods said...

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