Friday, July 22, 2011

U of C Buys Borders Building on 53rd: Possible Trader Joe's Location?

posted by chicago pop

Some time back we had heard rumors about the University buying the Border's building at 53rd and Lake Park if it ever became available. To this was coupled a related rumor that Trader Joe's might be interested in that particular location, if it ever became available.

Well, it has now become available, through one of the most spectacular, non-corruption-induced corporate collapses in recent memory, and as a result, the first rumor has become fact. The U of C now owns the old Border's building. Selling price for the building has not been disclosed, and no possible tenants have been mentioned.

So the big question is, will the second rumor come true? It seems pretty clear what 'the street' in Hyde Park would prefer. Is there room on the south side for another TJ's following the new store on Roosevelt Road?