Monday, January 7, 2013

Hyde Park Progress Shutting Down

-posted by chicago pop

This will come as no surprise to anyone who has followed the blog since around 2007, both to its fans and to those who hated it: it's time for HPP to shut down. In fact, that time arrived some time ago, and we are formally acknowledging what everyone has figured out already. This blog has run its course. Events are moving now in a way they weren't before, and we don't need to prod them on. We're happy about that.  Times have changed - for the better. HPP served its purpose, and played a small part in helping the neighborhood to turn a corner.

So, out of respect for the venture that consumed the time and energy of a good number of people, and acquired the support of many more, we thought it best to tip our hat and gracefully leave the room. The blog will remain for all posterity as a record of what we thought and said and wrote, often with great good fun, for about five years. 

Many thanks to all our readers and to those who traveled with us.