Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Herald's Chicken: Isn't there anything out there to report?

I couldn't resist this little jab.

The August 22, 2007 edition of the Hyde Park Herald features three classic cases of stories that fail to report actual news events.

"Birders, Park no longer at odds" tells that some players in Jackson Park now agree. What is the news here?

"Police scatter August Point Swimmers" can't cite any specific instances of what the headline suggests. We have "reporting" that consists of listening to a few folks who called up the Herald. Certainly, this might be a good way to start on a story, but wouldn't you like to see some details, if indeed this is happening?

The crown jewel - "Clocked" where the Herald reports that the Hyde Park Bank clock has mysteriously disappeared, though the Herald can't confirm anything. Do Herald reporters have working phones?

But here is a piece of news that didn't find its way into the Herald -- it appears that the City is spraying our neighborhood for protection against West Nile Virus. There is something for the Herald to sink its teeth into. Go to it, boys! But it will require that you do something more than field phone calls.

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