Thursday, August 16, 2007

Is This a Hint?

Promontory Point, South side, Looking West

I dunno. Maybe we're just last in line on the Park District's Weed Whacker duty sheet. But this unkempt scenario has all the earmarks of a mother teaching her rude child some manners. "You don't want me to set foot in your bedroom? Fine. You clean it."

It's a parenting strategy that should work. The child would eventually make concessions, recognizing that negotiating with the person who does his laundry is probably not a bad idea.

But we Hyde Parkers are a stubborn lot. Give me five minutes, and I could probably find a few passionate activists who think the weeds are pretty, the dead tree is historic, and they should all be saved.


Peter Rossi said...

great analogy.

the dead tree is particularly apt.

the "preservations" have in fact kept the landscaping from being restored to the original Alfred Caldwell design.

we should strike out "save" and write "neglect" on those few bumper stickers that remain on cars of those who were tricked into thinking that the "task" force would have some positive achievements.

chicago pop said...

You're off to a great start with the Point series -- and the information in the comments has been fantastic. It's clear that this thing has been a farce. What's strange is that the Establishment types seem to think that they scored a victory by sinking the reasonable plans and leaving the Point in limbo.

Of course, a lot of HP'ers LIKE limbo.