Saturday, August 11, 2007

NIMBY's Corner: Hans "All You Can Squeeze" More-bucks

We told you he'd be back, and he is: a warm round of applause for our first two-time winner of NIMBY-of-the-week, Hans More-bucks. We looked hard for a new face this week, but either the Herald is trying to lower its profile with fluffy "no news is news" stories, or is opening its editorial page to all the reasonable folks who were bumped when they printed More-buck' s massive Encyclical last week. If this keeps up, we may have to give him our Fidel Castro Award for indulging in unreasonably long letters and speeches.

In honor of our guest, we're posting a short letter sent to the Herald on Wednesday, August 1, the very afternoon of the 31st edition. As it was not printed this week, for some odd reason, we share it with our readers here:

Mr. Hans Morsbach's recent, all-too-brief letter of 1,232 words (Hyde Park Herald, August 1, 2007) made many points of principle regarding the proposed redevelopment of the vacant Dr.'s Hospital building.

Not mentioned is the fact that opposition to the hotel, which will include two restaurants for Hyde Parkers to take their families out on Friday and Saturday nights, is being led by the owner of a restaurant where Hyde Parkers take their families out on Friday and Saturday nights.

This might explain the writer's suggestion that the hotel and restaurants be located at 61st and Cottage Grove.

In some places, competition gives neighborhood folks more choice. This sounds more like a plan for "all you can squeeze."

chicago pop


Elizabeth Fama said...

Maybe it will appear in the next issue.

chicago pop said...

Probably, but I just couldn't wait.

Peter Rossi said...

Given the track record of Herald censorship, I wouldn't hold your breath!