Wednesday, November 5, 2008

39th/5th Prohibition Squeaks By 249 to 228

posted by chicago pop

According to the Cook County Board of Election Commissioners, the dry vote passed for the 5th Ward's 39th Precinct.

It was a narrow margin of victory: out of 477 votes cast, 249 were in favor, 228 were against.

(Thanks to mchinand for the advance link)

We'll hear more on the polling place technical meltdown I'm sure, and analysis on what's next for the neighborhood shortly.


WoodLawn Jack said...

As I noted on the "urbanist" I hope the UC tears down that ugly building and leaves a hole in the ground for the next 4 years just to let the 39th-ers know they are idiots.

With plans seemingly indefinetly stalled on the construction on 63rd maybe the University could get a deal to do some construction there. Unlike hyde park I don't think people over here will get their panties in a bundle over development.

Elizabeth Fama said...

I'll offer my analysis right here, C-Pop: there were 20 undervotes, and our reader, Dave (who voted "no") was only allowed to file a provisional ballot (which therefore hasn't been counted). So if Leslie had circulated her strongly-worded letter sooner, she might have won over those 20, and possibly some of the 249, and the results may have gone the other way.

Anonymous said...

I really hate this! So, I guess the next step is to see if White Lodging is willing to consider a different location. I don't hold out much hope for that. And like W. Jack, I also hope the U tears the building down and leaves it a vacant lot. Maybe it's time to start a petition to do so, based on the unsafe condition of the building.

This is the stuff that makes me want to move out of Hyde Park. I'm sure Jack, Hans and company are celebrating today and slapping each other on the back. And how many of the people who voted yes are gonna be sorry 5 years from now when they have nothing to show for their efforts but an old, crumbling, abandoned hospital that nobody wants?

gsm said...

Leslie's last minute attempt to use the HPH as her sole avenue of communication to her constituents was either tacit approval of the prohibition, or utter and complete incompetence. Granted, it was a well worded message, but was completely for naught.

If the first time you heard of the issue was by seeing it on the ballot, it's doubtful most voters would fully appreciate the impact of their vote. So, for the average voter (granted, not many of those in Hyde Park), after voting for 11 pages of judges you know nothing about, what's the harm in approving an additional initiative someone obviously worked hard to get on the ballot?

I'd be interested to know the percentage of precinct voters that read the HPH, this blog, or neither. Except for Hans knocking on your door, how else would you even know about the ballot initiative?

Peter Rossi said...

the problem is that no one holds these people accountable for the damage they do on a daily basis.

cjb said...

No jobs are better than non-union jobs.

LPB said...

The accountability issue is exactly the problem. Since we can't impose a tax on residents of the 39th precinct for upkeep of the vacant Doctors Hospital, then I think we should just let the building go to pot.

Heck, leave the doors unlocked so vandals, vagrants, and anyone interested in conducting illegal activities can do it there. The cost of living next to such undesirable elements should be the price those residents pay. They may have to dodge the riffraff to get home, but at least they'll still have free street parking and unobstructed air flow.

GF said...

I've been unofficially boycotting the Medici for a couple of years after one too many experiences with indifferent service. I'll make it official now and not patronize the Bakery or the Market, either. (although I'll have to go out of my way some days as the cinnamon rolls can be very tempting.) It won't make a dent in Morsbach's bottom line but it will make me feel better.

I'm curious what the NIMBYs think is going to happen with the site now that they've won their glorious victory, (although they probably never did think that far ahead). I think the University should really spite them and build a high-rise dorm. No worries about selling alcohol and the students can park in lot on 60th.

chicago pop said...

The dry voters aren't done yet: there's another brilliant idea afloat, according to the latest chatter on the website:

Dear Neighbors,
> Next up: Turn the Doctor's Hospital into the Obama Presidential
> Library. I'd vote for that.

Turn the Doctor's Hospital into the Obama Presidential
> Library.
Great idea!!!!

How do we spread the word and work for it... I also sent Valerie Jarrett that as a suggestion about a week ago... she didn't answer although she usually does.

Elizabeth Fama said...

Ha ha! That person just came out and SAID it: the only thing that would be quiet enough for the Fighting 39th is...a LIBRARY!

Shall we tell them that a cemetery is even quieter? Or, in the case of Doctors Hospital -- a mausoleum?

Anonymous said...

How do we spread the word and work for it... I also sent Valerie Jarrett that as a suggestion about a week ago... she didn't answer although she usually does.

Oh yeah, I'm sure Obama would love to have his presidential library set up in a building with a shameful history of racism against blacks.

What a weird suggestion.

Even disregarding the past, Obama has at least 4 years in office, possibly 8 if he does a good job and wins re-election. What happens to the building until then? Maybe the preservationists should form a Non-Profit or LLC or something, purchase the hospital from the U and maintain it at their own expense.

chicago pop said...

Wouldn't taking a reco from a dry-voter, for a major political figure, be something like taking an endorsement from Dick Cheney?

Elizabeth Fama said...

Puh-leeze, people, Obama is going to shake the dust of this crummy little neighborhood off his feet and never return. Presidential library in Hyde Park? Get real.

edj said...

No jobs are better than non-union jobs.

I guess that UNITE-HERE isn't confident enough to try to win over the workers using the soon to be enacted check card process once they have those jobs.

It's very concerning that the union was more willing to destroy potential jobs and then fight to organize the workers effectively. Don't they think they can do their jobs?

Dave said...

The outcome of this really makes me embarrassed to even be associated with the 39th precinct. Somehow though, I guess I'm not surprised. I went to the first community meeting at which the hotel plan was unveiled and have never seen such a bunch of irrational NIMBY whiners--or shall I say two-year olds. There were people getting screaming red-in-the-face mad about parking, the view, wind, and god knows what else. I left that meeting thinking that the hotel plan was pretty ambitious, but knew it was never going to get built. I just didn't know how it would play out.

I hope the university comes in with a wrecking ball and levels the DH site anyways. Give the residents what they want---a great big parking lot.

Quid said...

Whoosh...I'm sure glad I live in the 4th Ward. We are booming "up north." We have plenty of room for the Obama library in the old Co-Op building on 47th.

HP said...

There is still a remedy available in the wake of this vote.

Leslie Hairston could have the precinct redistricted so that it carves out the Drs Hospital and puts it in the adjoining precinct with the Museum. Then the 39th could be dry, but it wouldn't apply to the Drs Hospital.

This would be a hardball move, but fully justifiable.

Otto said...

Leslie Hairston could have the precinct redistricted so that it carves out the Drs Hospital and puts it in the adjoining precinct with the Museum. Then the 39th could be dry, but it wouldn't apply to the Drs Hospital.

The question then would be whether this tactic could move up the timeframe for a possible revote to 2010. The "dry" area remains that given by the original precinct boundary, as I understand the matter.

WoodLawn Jack said...

The idea of undoing the vote by redrawing lines doesn't seem to be one that would work. The 39th has pretty much voted to ensure that there will be no liquor sales probably for 8, but more likely 12 years at a minimum. No one is going to be interested in undoing the vote in 4 years--less dementia elsewhere for developers.

The land is useless to the UC as a parking structure or class rooms as it is way out of the way from everything. The 39th has essentially chosen to have a vacant building.

I'm sure the pro-dry faction will have plenty of ideas for uses like "Unicorn farm" or "Rainbow landing pad" but they unfortunately have neither unicorns or rainbows. Or the money to buy either.

The Obama library is a funny idea--could you imagine the Obama people after the end of his administration going through 12 years of community meetings to meet all the demands of the nimbys? THe list would probably include . . .
--Must keep the ugly facade
--Library must be divided into wards like a hospital
--Must be refered to as the Dr. Obama Presidential Library
--Visitors must be called patients
--Staff must have stethoscopes
--Must do a thorough study of wind patterns any construction might affect
... because the "community" wants to pay homage to the past of the hospital.