Sunday, November 16, 2008

reallyboring reports: 53rd Street Visioning Workshop

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reallyboring blocks
(pics by Eric Allix Rogers)

Check out the neighborhood blog reallyboring -- which is actually not boring at all -- for a snappy and illustrated account of this past Saturday's 53rd Street Visioning Workshop.

You may remember we put up a note on how the workshop would help you "Learn to Love Density." Sounds like it worked.

reallyboring's take is interesting:

The purpose of the exercises was ... to gauge the community response to the fact that any new developments in the neighborhood, in order to be financially possible, would necessarily be fairly dense. The attendees, by and large, seemed quite happy with this, although there is an apparent generational divide, with older residents less in favor.
Don't we know all about that particular "generational divide"! Glad to hear that, in spite of this, there was an overall positive reception of the linkage between density and feasibility.

Check out the blog for more pics of the blocks they played with -- and other cool snaps, like the one below.

Amazing Interior Shot of Kenwood Acadmy
(pics by Eric Allix Rogers)

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Eric Allix Rogers said...

Thanks for the kind words! I'm looking forward to the next workshop, which I believe is going to be in January. This one did a good job of bringing together a lot of very different people to talk about what the options for development realistically are.