Thursday, December 13, 2007

Solstice Development Approved by Chicago Plan Commission

posted by Peter Rossi

The Solstice on the Park development at 56th and Cornell has received approval of the Chicago Plan Commission. The next step will be a vote of the zoning subcommittee of the City Council. Given the support of 5th ward Alderman, Leslie Hairston, it is very likely this vote will be affirmative.

It looks like we are going to have the first significant multi-unit development in Hyde Park in over 15 years.

Alderman Preckwinkle: the ball is in your court to get the stalled development in the 4th ward off the mark. McMobil, Harper Court, Village Center and 53rd and Cornell are all in limbo. The 4th ward can rise again but we need action on a large scale. Make no little plans!


Richard Gill said...

This is indeed good news! Let's hope it's an indication that there are leaks in the NIMBY dike.

chicago pop said...

Leaks in the NIMBY dike indeed!

And just in time for the winter solstice! To celebrate, I may host a pagan bonfire out on the Point -- look for the guy painted blue dancing in a loin-cloth by firelight. For maybe a minute, until I come to my senses.