Saturday, January 31, 2009

Chicago Unshoveled: Another Entry

posted by Elizabeth Fama

I nominate the Park District for a Shoveling Razzie, for this eternally neglected stretch next to Bixler Playlot (which they apparently don't think is their responsibility, perhaps because it also abuts Ray School property):

East side of Kenwood Avenue between 56th and 57th (looking south).

I should have taken a photo of it when it was knee-deep in snow. Now it's just a course of packed moguls.

Not to be outdone, Ray School has neglected their highly-trafficked diagonal path this year (running from the southwest corner of 56th and Kenwood to 57th Street):

Ankle-breaking Ray School path (looking south).

And here is the Ray-School side of Kenwood Avenue between 56th and 57th. You can't even see that there's a sidewalk there:

West side of Kenwood Ave. (looking north) between 56th and 57th.


cjb said...

I don't know whose responsbility it is, but the sidewalk running along Kimbark in front of the Ray School has never been shoveled in the last four years. I'd think Arne would notice and do something about it.

Famac said...

I walked through this strip late last week. Its outrageous.

Some of the worse offenders are the townhouses directly west of the 57th Street stop. I used to live on that corner, and it infuriated me to see them plow their drive way by Florian, but leave all walkways a hazard.

I've often thought about chaining their gates or having stickers printed that say "I Don't Care, I don't Shovel" to stick on their windows and doors (right next to their Save The Point stickers).

Raymond said...

In our little corner of NW Hyde Park, the sidewalk along 53rd Street between Berkeley and Greenwood is rarely shoveled. One year, I sent a letter to the homeowner pointing out how dangerous this was, especially for the many elderly people living nearby. The next day, the sidewalk was clear. But, the non-shoveling habit returned soon thereafter.