Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Orly's, Gone

-posted by chicago pop

 Big news. Thanks to HPP reader autumnist for this savory dish.



Anonymous said...

I noticed this last Saturday. My questions are:

1) Why was their license suspended?

2) What does "sane management" mean? The weird flip flopping of the name, the constant tear-out and remodel/rebrandings... that was the owner doing that. If the same guy owns it I can't see how very much is going to change. The sign in the window looks like something he would do. (In fairness, I've met him and he's actually a really cool guy, but I don't understand his business decisions).

3) Is the rubber chicken guy going to take the fall for this?

Unknown said...

I agree, the sign seems to lead one to suspect the management is not changing. I'd like to suggest a family-style Mexican restaurant, or a Somalian place.


Greg said...

I hope that all Hyde Parkers who take pride in their World Class City, will join me this Saturday, August 25, 2012 at 9a.m. underneath the Metra Tracks at the 53rd Station on the south side of the street where I will have my broom, dustpan, and garbage bags to clean up that small area. It should take less than 30 minutes. There is direct correlation between clean streets and safe streets. I hope that you'll join me.

chicago pop said...

This is so bizarre that I can only conclude the former, supposedly formerly insane, management is still in place. Has the place been sold to new owners? Let's remember, this is the place Shopiro tried to unload on Craigslist. So what has happened? Has management gone through electroshock therapy, and cured itself of its insanity? The perennially fogged 70s throwback windows would seem suggest the contrary, since any sane management would remove them
Immediately. But that leads to other problems: assuming the same owner/management is in place, what good does it do from a marketing perspective to suggest that
the way you used to run your restaurant was insane? Are we to suppose that mental states may be assumed and retired like Orly's menu concepts? The two things strike me as being of different magnitudes.

Matt said...

The most recent inspection of Orly's/Jalapeno/Hyde Park BBQ/The Big Easy (am I leaving one out?) confirms everything I suspected during my one and only experience eating there (be sure to read all the gory details):

Perhaps we can hope for an upgrade to "license revoked" instead of "suspended." That's the only thing that might be able to bring sanity (that is, new owners) to this place. A clean start in so many ways--and with it, another blow to Hyde Park's distinctive "It is your privilege to be in my lackluster, conceptually confused and otherwise completely unremarkable place of business" customer-service attitude.

Or maybe my hopes are getting carried away.

Chason said...

The latest issue of the Herald posted online has a small blurb about The Big Easy, saying a bad fridge is the reason for the closure/delay in reopening the restaurant. The article quotes one Mr. Shapiro. Chicago Pop, per usual, was right on the money.

mchinand said...

Looks like the sane management consists of a new walk-in refrigerator.

chicago pop said...

Matt has dug up some truly disgusting details about why Orly's/Jalapeno's/The Big Easy was closed (which of course The Herald did not pry into at all). It was more than a refrigerator problem.