Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Preservationists Decry Loss of Historic Tree

Hyde Park preservationists are quickly galvanizing to demand re-installation of a historic tree removed by the Park District on Monday from the south side of Promontory Point.



"I wouldn't have known about this, because I never spend any time at the Point," one of their members said, "but my friend saw the chipper truck from her apartment in the Promontory building and alerted me that something was afoot."

By the time he had biked there, the wanton destruction was already done.

"It's a terrible loss. The Park District should have consulted with the community before removing it. Restoration is always preferred to removal in cases like this. They even cut down the young trees that were growing between the limestone blocks. These details form the character of the Point, and should be preserved."

The group plans to camp out to protect the remaining weeds, even if they must stay through the first frost.

"We won't give up."

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curtsy said...

Damn treehuggin'/ hothouse flowerchildren (and damn stereotypes)...