Monday, September 17, 2007

Secret Identities

HYDE PARK PROGRESS is the mastermind of a guy named "Chicago Pop." But clearly that's just his alter ego. I've had a lot of queries about who this Chicago Pop is. Could he be Gene Fama, people have guessed? After all, Professor Fama is one of the fathers of Chicago-style economics, as well as the father of four Famas -- some of whom do seem to comment fairly often on this blog. Could Chicago Pop be John Cochrane? John and Peter Rossi (another HPP contributor) have been seen together, grousing and pounding their fists on the table in hundreds of faculty meetings. Cochrane is definitely libertarian enough to be Chicago Pop.

Neither of those is right. This Chicago Pop guy is elusive.

To soothe the masses, I offer this hint. You know Peter Rossi and me (Elizabeth); you'd recognize us on the street. So here's a photo of Chicago Pop with his two HPP contributors. The member of the trio you don't recognize? -- well, that's Chicago Pop.

Hyde Park Progress
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chicago pop said...

gee thanks, you blew my cover!

Elizabeth Fama said...

I'm sorry I implied that you're libertarian.

chicago pop said...

how dare you!! umph!

Famac said...

Is that a Peapod truck back there????

Alec Brandon said...

My hunch is that you're Sam Peltzman.

Just a random hunch.

chicago pop said...

The picture does kind of look like Sam Peltzman...the hair does, at least.