Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hyde Park Anti-Progress

posted by Elizabeth Fama

Ahh...the 55th Street and Lake Park repaving project is nearly complete: the street is shiny and black, waiting for fresh lines and a new median; the construction barricades are down; the Metra underpass has free-flowing lanes again...

But, hey! What happened? Why is this still here?!

I thought we all agreed that it needed to be hauled out for garbage pick-up? And isn't this the perfect opportunity to do it -- when the crews are preparing to build a fresh median anyway?

So I thought I'd call the appropriate alderman to ask for its removal. But observe the crazy maps of the 4th and 5th wards:

At first I thought the sculpture was halfway between the two wards, but now I think it might be in that little "bump out" that's in Ms. Hairston's domain. Neither office is open on a Saturday, so the burning question will have to wait until Monday.

But maybe it doesn't matter. Maybe the two aldermen would have a stronger voice than one alone.

"Ms. Preckwinkle and Ms. Hairston, tear down this sculpture."

Don't make us get our hammers and chisels out, like the Berlin Wall. Just do the right thing.


chicago pop said...

What happens when you take a seedy gas station bathroom and turn it inside out?

This is what happens. Someone put it back in its box and put it away. Forever.

Famac said...

This statue is especially embarassing because its so representative of deranged radicals living in Hyde Park.

Elizabeth Fama said...

famac: No, that's over-thinking just represents unfortunate taste and lack of progress. The lack of progress is what we need to address in this case. This is one problem in Hyde Park that can be solved without controversy. Let's do it!

Alderman Hairston: 773-324-5555,

Alderman Preckwinkle: 773-536-8103,

chicago pop said...

If this thing is "public art," and hence in some small way belongs to me, can I make my own contribution by removing a piece of it?

Elizabeth Fama said...

Honestly, it really troubles me that the aldermen aren't decisive enough to take this thing down. It's NOT beloved. They wouldn't suffer any repercussions.