Thursday, October 11, 2007

On the Pavement: Chant

posted by chicago pop

Chic Asian Tapas? We're all over it.

And when was the last time there was a cool premier opening in the neighborhood that didn't have to do with a new edition of Shakespeare from the U of C press? Anyway, the tall cover charge goes to a good cause, for those of you with tots: the HPNC's before/after school program. And it also gets you an advance taste of what may be the bleeding edge of 53rd Street's makeover, brought to you by the owners of Hyde Park's own Noodles, etc.

We're hoping for a bit more of an adult vibe than on 57th, and creative pan-asian/fusion that hasn't been watered down in the wok. Keep an eye out; this one may wind up over on the list of Things We Like.

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HPLifer said...

I can't tell you how excited I am to see a new eatery open in the unwanted waters of the Hyde Park community.
Chant gives me a reason to not escape Hyde Park this week for my everlasting pursuit to dine on adult food. When will this community wake up and smeel the coffee, that it doesn't have much to offer its residents, and consistently complains and worry about density and congestion. No need to worry, we don't have much too offer at the present to worry about that problem.