Monday, October 1, 2007

Hyde Park Treasures

...a continuing photo series.

#3. Botany Pond

You're not a Hyde Park lifer until you've fallen in...twice (second time was during this photo shoot; and I'm here to tell you the south end is deeper than the north end).


LPB said...

Ah yes. We consider a dip in Botany Pond a true rite of passage for our own dogs, as well as any rescue dogs we foster. When the lily pads grow really large, they apparently look like solid ground to a dog.

Elizabeth Fama said...

I'll try not to take any offense to that comment, much as I resemble my Portuguese Water Dog.

Seriously, you can't play near Botany Pond as a child with older brothers and not "fall" in.

I take full, brainless responsibility for this latest dip, however!

chicago pop said...

That's the best picture of Botany Pond I've ever seen!

Can we have, a la Monet, a 4 season set, each taken from the same place?

Elizabeth Fama said...

You've got it, C-Pop.

The snowy version is sooner than we think...