Saturday, October 20, 2007

Hyde Park Treasures

posted by Elizabeth Fama

...a continuing photo series.

#5. The tennis courts at the Quadrangle Club.

Just imagine: Har-Tru clay, an idyllic setting, and friendly people. If you love tennis, you should be playing here.

You don't have to be rich to join -- membership at the QC is cheaper than a health club.

You don't have to be affiliated with the University of Chicago to join.


Raymond said...

Cheaper than a health club, yes. However, they don't have gym facilities. If they did, it'd be really great. But, it's a good place to take out of towners for dinner or lunch, and they have rooms that out of towners can stay in. But, I'm a member because of the tennis courts.

Elizabeth Fama said...

Hi Raymond,

I'm trying to persuade the University that they should install a small exercise room and improve the locker room and showers when they remodel.

That, a ping pong table, and wireless Internet, and it would be a happenin' place.

Raymond said...

Agreed. Sign me up.

Famac said...

I think it has wireless.

Elizabeth Fama said...

The University already realizes wireless is important when they remodel. The manager has tried to get it to work, but it's spotty in the building.